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Energy independence is something we value and appreciate. Contributing to a greener and healthier future means a great deal to our customers and to all of us at Samaritan Solar. From a small home to a large scale installation we are able to meet your renewable energy needs by providing a comprehensive and unique design for your solar system. Solar is now more affordable than ever before with little to no upfront cost. Our years of experience designing and installing thousands of solar systems allows us to focus on keeping you in mind every step of the process.  We look forward to simplifying your solar installation experience!

6 Steps to a Complete Solar Energy Solution

Online Qualification – Not everyone is qualified to go solar. Through an initial phone conversation we discover how solar can benefit you and your family. We listen to your needs and learn about you, your home, and your electric bill to discover if solar power is right for you.

Home Visit – We meet with you at your home to discuss the solar options that best fits your needs. From our wide variety of offerings our energy consultant will help you tailor a preliminary solution for your home. Our Energy Consultant will review the home for any obstructions and concerns. Our Consultant will also go over the various purchase/lease options that are available and help you determine the one that you are most comfortable with.

Final Design – One of our certified design engineers will then visit your home to take precise measurements and design your custom solar energy system.

Permitting and Installation – Our experts will obtain all necessary permits for the home.  With our expertise you can count on us to do a quality and professional installation. To do a clean, quality job we take our time with each home and are diligent in our work.

Inspections and Interlink to the utility – Once inspections by the town are completed and your utility approves the connection the utility will connect you to the electric grid.

We visit with you again and walk you through your solar energy system and show you the technology that will give you complete visibility to see what your panels are producing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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