Project Kind seeks to encourage and empower those who are working to overcome life’s challenges, while reminding them that they have great purpose.

Who We Are

Project Kind, is a Non-Profit that has served thousands of people experiencing homelessness and otherwise in need, for the last 8 years.
While we started as an outreach to those experiencing homelessness in the Newark area, our reach has continued to evolve and expand to support more individuals and the communities where they live.
By filling in gaps in the system and building a support network, Project Kind seeks to inspire, create opportunities, and engage the community to share in the journey of those in need. The core value of the Project Kind mission is simple; All are Welcomed, and Worthy of Love. We seek to encourage and empower those who are working to overcome life’s challenges, while reminding them that they have great purpose.

How We Connect
Central to our belief in building a strong community, is a physical structure to act as a meeting place to donate (time, items, skills, service), receive (needed items to move forward) and provide the foundation for sustained participation. Our goal is to help by bringing the community together and provide the support that will allow people to focus on their strengths and purpose while overcoming their challenges and circumstances. We believe in strengthening communities through kindness and helping those who are in need to achieve their goals.

• We share people’s stories on social media giving others the opportunity to be a part of someone’s journey by simply coming together and sharing what they have. Project Kind invests in people by being compassionate, and listening to their stories for specific ways to help. Our method builds trust with individuals who need help as well as the donors who are inspired to help. This is done by making a personal connection, sharing stories, and asking others to respond to requests.
• We encourage others to get involved and spread kindness by offering a volunteer program for all ages that engages with the community through our outreach projects, highlighting kindness, and sharing stories.
• Once the need is understood, we mobilize our volunteers who help in the Kindness Closet and coordinate with the mobile street outreach team to meet the need, whether through prayer, encouragement, food or clothing. These items either have no cost or are easily attainable through in kind donations in the Closet. Other times, the needs require considerable fundraising and sharing someone’s journey to inspire a financial contribution.

What We Do
Project Kind serves with no barriers, creates a culture of inclusion, and believes in the power of love to lead individuals to have a positive impact. While the list below is not all encompassing, it highlights many of the activities that Project Kind volunteers engage in regularly:

• Make and deliver bagged sandwiches/drinks/snacks to feed the hungry
• Create and deliver toiletry bags for better hygiene
• Mobile street outreach
• Provide clothing for all seasons, along with other essentials
• Purchase bus passes for transportation needs
• Help other community assistance programs nationwide
• Cover expenses for proper identification to get a job
• Pay for utilities to keep friends warm
• Create partnerships so that our mission can be accomplished at scale
• Share resources, time, talents and knowledge
• Assist those experiencing homelessness, those on the fringe of homelessness, and others in need
• Provide preventative assistance by helping those in need to avoid homelessness
• Direct payment to landlords to prevent homelessness where evictions are imminent
• Pay security deposits and 1st month’s rent to move people from “homeless to housed”
• Create a system of support for those that don’t qualify under the existing system
• Operate at a community level, yet have a wide distribution network via our partnerships and sponsors
• Create a support system for mentorship
• Encourage students to see the value of serving others via Project Kind School Clubs

Outreach to Other Organizations
Project Kind is often sought by other local non-profits for assistance. We regularly share our resources and consider it our greatest calling to Help Others to Help.

From New Jersey to California and beyond, Project Kind has shared its resources and connections with other non-profit organizations who share a similar mission.

Many thousands of people have been helped. Requests have been made to create other Project Kind chapters in other states. Our long-term plan is to develop a holistic and sustainable model that will be replicated in other states and beyond.

Project kind is a grass roots effort that started with Jenny DePaul’s caring family, making and delivering sandwiches, helping those in need to know that their current environment doesn’t define them, and most of all helping them know that they are worthy of love. Through the years we have continued to grow, one step at a time. Our stories gave opportunities to “be about change” not just talk about change. We have been the benefactor of donations and partnerships from Toyota, The NY Giants (team and individual players), State Farm, Wells Fargo, Bob’s Discount Furniture, Bombas, Mass Mutual, KIND Snacks… to name a few. There are so many more who have contributed to Project Kind whose logos are proudly displayed on our website. They donate their time, professional skills and talents to further our mission. We continue to actively pursue partnerships that integrate the strengths of other organizations to create a mutually beneficial gain, with the focus on helping others.

The Kindness Closet
As Project Kind outgrew Jenny DePaul’s porch and shed, a new home was needed for donations. With a generous donation from a local company, space was rented to set up what would be fondly called The Kindness Closet. Barely a month after The Kindness Closet was open, our world was literally turned upside down due to COVID-19. While other services were shut down or severely reduced, Project Kind filled the gap. Determined volunteers mobilized to cook trays of food and made house calls to pick up or drop off donations. They reached out to the community and beyond to service those experiencing homelessness, shut in seniors, school children, fire victims and more. We were also blessed to help those on the verge avoid eviction. Because of a supportive community of individuals, organizations, families, social media and so much more, Project Kind stepped up where others couldn’t.
Our concept for The Kindness Closet goes beyond a space to store donations. It is a community resource where anyone is welcome; with no judgement, no eligibility requirements, and no fees. It’s a place where people share freely, take what’s needed, volunteer to help others, meet up, get help and so much more.
The new Kindness Closet is a space where community members can contribute expertise, volunteer or learn skills to benefit the community. Future Closets will house a craft or artisan shop where those with skills can create and sell items for personal income. They will also house a coffee shop where community members might find employment opportunities.
The Closet connects everyone in the community no matter what their stage of need, whether experiencing homelessness, facing financial hardship, in need of a little help to fill the gap, or ready for homeownership and in need of services. As important, it’s where anyone who wants to contribute can come and share their time or provide financial assistance to help others thrive and support a positive cycle of improvement and revitalize the community.

The Kindness Closet will provide:

• Needed items such as clothing, toiletries, non-perishable foods, blankets, etc., through donations
• Hygiene related- bathrooms, showers, washer, dryer
• Social Service- scheduled service providers to come into the community for services that are currently centrally located elsewhere
• Corporate Team Building- Corporate team-building activities that focus on giving back and having a social impact.
• Group Volunteering- Faith-based groups, civic groups, social clubs, birthday parties, family volunteering, and even your next girl’s night out can all happen at the Kindness Closet
• Children and Charity Events- hosting birthday parties and kids events

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