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Samaritan Solar installs solar energy systems for all businesses – from large industrial and government institutions to local companies and farms. Going solar provides a great many benefits to your business that positively impact your bottom line.

Our solar energy systems help you to avoid the volatility of electric utility prices and have a 25-year parts and power output warranty. This allows you to plan out your energy costs far into the future – something no utility could promise.  Solar power is a smart investment that will keep on paying you dividends for years to come.

One major benefit of solar power is its ability to expand as your business grows. Whether you’re a small enterprise working to reduce energy costs or an industrial concern expanding its options to meet growing power demands, solar energy has the answer. Solar solutions for commercial applications scale to any size you need, so you’ll never have to worry that the system you are buying today might not meet your needs in the future. Solar grows with you!

Which configuration of solar installation is right for your needs is determined by the type of commercial operation you run. A small retail business will need a different solar installation than a farm or industrial enterprise.

Solar panels can be installed almost anywhere. Mounting them on a roof can be ideal, although many other locations can be effective such as pole-mounted parking lot installations that provide shade for customers and power for you. Many of these types of installations have been configured to supply electric vehicle charging stations, providing a service to business customers or employees. In addition, arrays can be installed throughout a yard or field to maximize usable space on your property.

Supporting a clean energy future is only one of the many benefits of going solar. Your business will be controlling its electric utility costs, significantly contributing to your efforts to plan for your business future.  Today’s consumers, employees and business owners also value partners with a serious commitment to a green energy future in support of a cleaner, healthier environment.

Samaritan Solar can help your business benefit from all that solar energy offers. To find out how solar energy can help you control your energy costs, contact us today to schedule a free consultation and quote.

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