Let’s make a better tomorrow

CONTROL Your Energy Costs 

Samaritan Solar

Let’s make a better tomorrow

CONTROL Your Energy Costs 

Samaritan has the Experience

We will help you reduce your carbon footprint, protect the environment, and control your energy costs – now and in the future!

Residential Solar

From a small home to a large scale installation we are able to meet your renewable energy needs by providing a comprehensive and unique design for your solar system. Solar is now more affordable than ever before with little to no upfront cost. Our years of experience designing and installing thousands of solar systems allows us to focus on keeping you in mind every step of the process. We look forward to simplifying your solar installation experience!

Commercial Solar

Samaritan Solar installs solar energy systems for all businesses – from large industrial and government institutions to local companies and farms. Going solar provides a great many benefits to your business that positively impact your bottom line.

Our solar energy systems help you to avoid the volatility of electric utility prices and have a 25-year parts and power output warranty. This allows you to plan out your energy costs far into the future – something no utility could promise. Solar power is a smart investment that will keep on paying you dividends for years to come.

Solar Power Storage

Solar batteries allow you to store solar energy generated during the day for use whenever it’s needed. During the day, your battery is charged by the power produced by your solar panels. Whenever you are using more than you are producing, such as on cloudy days or at night, your home draws the stored electricity from the battery, powering your home, business or farm with clean, sustainable energy.

EV Charging Stations

Power to Take You Where You Want to Go

ChargeLink EV Charging Stations provide the power EV owners need when they need it, where they need it.

Providing Solar Service throughout the United States

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Samaritan Solar

Samaritan Solar was founded by a group of solar industry professionals with over two decades of experience in the industry. Our goal is to contribute to a healthier future for the environment through clean energy while empowering customers to take control of their energy costs. We believe that going solar is an exciting and important investment. Homeowners deserve a knowledgeable and committed partner to help navigate and simplify the process. With designs utilizing the best products, warranties, and with transparency every step of the way, Samaritan Solar brings you the most attractive and effective solutions. We will help you reduce your carbon footprint, protect the environment, and control your energy costs – now and in the future!

Our latest projects

They were very helpful and knowledgeable. They are very good at following up and very well mannered and the installers are very nice, professional and helpful. I’m really satisfied with how the panels were installed and it looks really good. Many people have come to visit my home and the installation is so clean that people don’t even notice I have solar.

Raymonde P.

I found the guys I worked with to be honest and didn’t try to fool me. A lot of people have come here and tried to sell me and force me to do something but they had a very laid back approach and were very transparent. The installation is perfect and looks good. My electric panel was in a bad shape before going solar but after looks impeccable.

Herby P.

Working with them was excellent and fantabulous. They knew what they were talking about and were easy to work with. The install process was easy and they took care of business. Once things got rolling it was a painless operation.

John T.

It was great working with them. I really enjoyed my time with the consultant and I felt like I was working with family not a stranger. It was cool, working with someone that is flexible and is there for me whenever I call. I’m so blessed. I have referred a lot of people and will continue to do so.

Gina O.

Working with them is great. I like the way things were presented and put together. For one, the way they explained things to me was more understandable than what I had experienced before. What I appreciated the most was the professionalism. I was greeted with a smile and confidence. The time they took to explain things made things really easy to understand and the experience was very positive. I felt comfortable throughout the whole process and I am happy with my decision.

Carmen C.

From our specialist Will at the beginning, to the effective communication throughout the process, the staff from Samaritan was great. Not knowing much about the details of solar made me a bit anxious as I have heard horror stories. I just wanted someone that made me feel more comfortable throughout the whole process. Going solar for us meant lowering our electrical bill but more importantly being environmentally friendly. The specialist was knowledgeable and he adequately answered all of our questions patiently and professionally. From how it all worked, how to qualify and addressed tax credit questions as well. My wife and I were really happy with the process.

Sammy E.

The overall experience was excellent. Fred was very patient and seemed very experienced. He was very diligent about walking me through the whole process. The whole process was a lot smoother than I expected and he made sure everything was done professionally. The folks are Samaritan are real relationship builders and very open and transparent. I recommend anyone going solar to do it the Samaritan way.

Mary B.

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